a. What is a cleanse?

A cleanse is the process of assisting your body in removing harmful toxins from the body. What are toxins you ask? Toxins are potentially harmful substances that are found in every aspect of our daily lives.  Toxins are pollutants in the air, Pesticides on produce, Chemicals in cleaning products, ingredients in processed food, and heavy metals in fish and soil. It’s impossible to prevent 100% exposure to toxins.  Our bodies are created to detox Itself by utilizing the liver and kidneys to flush many out.  A detox cleanse relieves some of the pressure and helps to remove excess toxins. A cleanse is done for short periods of time and a couple of times a year. A cleanse can be for one day, three days, five days or even 30 days.

b. Why drink Raw juice?

When the juice is extracted from plants and vegetables, you can consume more in the form of drinking than chewing. By doing this, the nutrients go directly into the bloodstream, and the body immediately begins to absorb the nutrients.

d.    Is the juice Organic?

The juice is nearly 90% Organic.  We make sure we stand behind the “Dirty Dozen” List, but there are times we can’t obtain Organic due to availability in large quantities.

e.    How long do juices last?

Juices should be consumed within a three-day period.  Once the fruits and vegetables are extracted, the oxidation process begins. After three days, there is less and less nutritional value in the juice. To maintain maximum nutrients, juice is pressed fresh and frozen to ship. It is important to drink RAW juice or freeze it within the 3 Days of receipt.