L-theanine Liquid Supplement (stress relief)
L-theanine Liquid Supplement (stress relief)

L-theanine Liquid Supplement (stress relief)

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety, while Inducing Tranquility and Calmness.

​100% Pure L-Theanine: Improve Your Mood by promoting an alert state of relaxation without drowsiness.​

 100% Safe and Natural! L-theanine, a unique amino acid commonly found in green tea, provides a natural form of stress relief and is known to reduce anxiety and improve concentration. L-theanine naturally stimulates Alpha wave generation in the brain, to help you achieve an awake, alert and relaxed physical and mental state. In addition, it increases dopamine and GABA levels, which leads to a feeling of happiness and well-being. 

The primary reason for choosing a sublingual is to bypass the intestinal digestion phase allowing the maximum amount of the active ingredient to reach your bloodstream and disperse to your brain and nervous system.

​While L-theanine receives the greatest attention as a natural anti-anxiety drug, it also has many other benefits as it restores chemical balance in the body:
  • alleviates depression
  • supports concentration and mental performance
  • helps focus attention on critical tasks
  • improves learning
  • protects the body from stress damage caused by the hormone cortisol
  • improves quality of sleep when taken 30 minutes before bed
  • protects the brain from damage done by glutamate and caffeine
  • supports the immune system by increasing the activity of T-cells
  • assists in weight loss by promoting thermogenesis
  • reduces levels of lipids in the blood
  • lowers blood pressure in people with a high blood pressure
  • relieves physical and mental symptoms of PMS
  • protects the liver from damage caused by alcohol
  • slows down the growth of certain tumors

L-Theanine does not cause drowsiness or impair a person's motor skills and effects are usually experienced within 30 minutes of consumption.

2 droppers full directly into your mouth or mixed in water

Natural Lemon Flavor

​Refrigerate after opening for optimal freshness