Love & Honor Ritual Kit
Love & Honor Ritual Kit
Love & Honor Ritual Kit

Love & Honor Ritual Kit

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This Love & Honor Ritual Kit is perfect for inviting love, light, and abundance into any space.

 Kit comes with: 

Dried rose
Jasmine essential oil
Rose quartz crystal
One or two quartz crystals
White sage stick
Holy palo santo wood
Pink Candle
Feather tool
Detailed information on how to use each piece effectively
Ritual instructions


Ritual Benefits:

Rose creates a welcoming, loving, and compassionate environment 
Jasmine essential oil is great for enhancing human connection and love
Rose quartz help with love, empathy, emotional healing, and releasing stress
Quartz crystals aid in healing and purifying  
White Sage purifies the air, dispels negative energy, improves mood, eases stress and anxiety, cleanses and empowers objects, improves intuition, and removes bacteria from the air
Palo santo clears negative energy, reduces stress, may reduce pain and headaches, and increases relaxation and calmness
Candles and feathers are powerful tools that aid the process of enhancing the energy of an environment