SourSop Leaves
SourSop Leaves
SourSop Leaves
SourSop Leaves

SourSop Leaves

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20 Organic leaves. Makes 1 Gallon of tea. 

100% Organic SourSop Leaves that make up to 1 gallon of vitamin C & antioxidant packed, immune boosting tea!

 Soursop, or Graviola, is a fruit that comes from trees native to North and South America. Its leaves have been incorporated into the wellness practices of many cultures due to their high content of vital compounds including protein, calcium, fructose, fat, and vitamins A and B.

 SourSop Benefits: 

Strengthens immune system 
High in antioxidants 
Promotes healthy digestion 
Reduces inflammation 
Stabilizes Blood sugar 
Helps to dilate blood vessels improving circulation and decreases elevated heart rates
Fights against bacteria 
May kill cancer cells